Gifting is serious business. To be a really successful giver of gifts, a person usually needs to get inside the head of the intended recipient. Wish-A- Mitr (WAM) is an innovative platform that lets you exactly do that.. It is an approach to make gifting experience richer and make it most useful for the involved people (Host or Guests).
WAM provides a simple way of end to end gifting experience. The Host invites the guests for the special event using “Invitemodule of the Platform ”, WAM sends the invite to the guests via email, sms, app notification along with a list of recommended gifts suited for the special events via the ‘recommendation list’. As this list is based on the host’s lifestyle’s and needs, the gifts received are appropriate for the host and duplicate gifts are avoided. On other side, the invitees do not have to guess which gifts to give.
Yes, of course anyone can directly buy products from our catalogue selection.
The authentication will be done via OTP on the phone or email.
If you forget your password, one can ask for a new password using OTP on phone or email.
You have to pay a transaction fee of 2.5% for using the credit / debit card. You need not to pay for delivery charges, it will be taken care by WAM.