About Us

They say ‘It is not the gift that counts but the thought that counts’. Really! Does it work that way? A survey by WAM tells that 82% of people are chronic re-gifters. Not because of any disrespect to the Gift giver or lack of etiquettes, but simply because receiver find gifts useless or duplicated with other guests’ gift!

We want to change that! At Wish-A-Mitr (WAM), we believe in the power of gifting

OUR MISSION IS TO MAKE YOUR HAPPY MOMENTS HAPPIER… take the pain out of the gifting process for both the hosts and guests. WAM is an innovative platform that aims to create a gifting experience that makes sense. Our response-based engine provides tailored recommendations to guests so that they can buy gifts which are more relevant and useful to the hosts


With 3 young mothers as part of our founding team, we had experienced the pain of re-gifters first hand. We had also seen multiple bathing sets, musical toys, stuffed toys and all sorts of other toys and stuff gifted to us, items that we never ended up using (and of course those gifts passed on from one mother to the other) We saw a dearth of options to pamper us when we needed the most and lack of relevant options presented despite the best intentions from our well-wishers.

With our combined experience, we set out to bring a platform that would not only help family and friends get meaningful gifts but also offer a wide array of gifts curated from the best online and offline stores. A one-stop solution for today’s always-online and on-the-go generation with limited bandwidth and mind space! So, go ahead and ‘Wish your Mitr’ all your love with a gift they will love & cherish! With that in mind, we are embarking on this journey with our first offering – Baby Showers/Baby’s First Event. It will be followed soon to cover the entire gifting experience, from Birthdays to Anniversaries & much more…

Welcome to the joys of gifting!