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Is Wish A Mitr another Gift platform?Gifting is serious business. To be a really successful giver of gifts, a person usually needs to get inside the head of the intended recipient. Wish-A-Mitr (WAM) is an innovative platform that lets you exactly do that.. It is an approach to make gifting experience richer and make it most useful for the involved people (Host or Guests).

WAM provides a simple way of end to end gifting experience. The Host invites the guests for the special event using “Invitemodule of the Platform ”, WAM sends the invite to the guests via email, sms, app notification along with a list of recommended gifts suited for the special events via the ‘recommendation list’. As this list is based on the host’s lifestyle’s and needs, the gifts received are appropriate for the host and duplicate gifts are avoided. On other side, the invitees do not have to guess which gifts to give.
Yes, of course anyone can directly buy products from our catalogue selection.
The authentication will be done via OTP on the phone or email.
If you forget your password, one can ask for a new password using OTP on phone or email.
You have to pay a transaction fee of 2.5% for using the credit / debit card. You need not to pay for delivery charges, it will be taken care by WAM.


As soon as you are ready to share the invite, just click on share button on “Send Invite” and the list will be shared instantaneously.
We will give Host and Guests flexibility to buy gifts even after the Event has completed. The List will be Open for 2 weeks post Event Date.
The recommended gift list will be available to Host at least seven days before the event date or as soon as gifts are contributed to or bought by the Invitees.. The list can be amended by the Host from the available catalogue only.
Yes, we give you the flexibility to choose / change gifts in your Gift List till 5 days before the event i.e. (T-5 days)
Yes, the Gift list will be available to the Host at least seven days before the event date. You will also be notified as soonWhat is the way of authentication as a guest contributes or buys a gift.
Any time before the event but ideally you would want to create the invite as soon as you have planned an event
Option 1: The Host can choose another Item from the catalogue
Option 2: We will block it for you and deliver as soon as it’s available.
All the Gifts finalized by Event – 5 days (T-5) will be delivered on the Event Day at the Venue* Conditions apply
The choice is given to the Host to select the gifts from the list.
The list of Guests who have contributed to the gift will be shared with the Host. What will happen if the gift has not been completely contributed?
The host will get a choice of either contributing the remaining amount to claim the gift or the host can choose any other gift of equivalent contribution amount.
As of now, we are offering our services in NCR but very soon we shall be covering other major cities in India as well.
Website and app WAM application can be accessed by website and/or mobile app.
No, the guests can also access the website to see the invite and respond accordingly. But we would advise to use the App to have a great User Experience.
Return is only possible in case any product delivered to you is defective. Please Call or write to us within 15 Days of Product delivery.
The invite will be private and only your guests can view the same.
No, the event will remain in your hostory till you choose to delete the same.
You will get the notification when gifts are despatched from our side.


With every Invite created by host, WAM creates a recommended gift list. You, as Invitee, can pick any of these Products (Recommended List) and buy it completely or contribute partially, as per your preference.
Gifts will be directly delivered to Host on the Event Date with the Invitee Names who contributed to that Gift. Any gifts bought after this window (T-5 days) Days will be delivered to Host within a week of the Order being placed
Following are the Options you can choose any of these to pay for the Gifts
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Net Banking
Yes, your personal information is secure and private. Also your financial transactions happens using secure payment gateways. Only the host know about your details and contribution towards the gift.
The detailed list will be shared with Host along with the contribution from the Invitee/Host. (After the event?)
No, the gifts will be delivered directly at the venue.
It will be visible in the gifts itself whether the contribution is applicable or not for that particular gift.
No, the recommendation list is provided by the recommendation engine of WAM based on lifestyle, choice & needs of the host.
You can still gift. The gift will be delivered within 3-5 working days to the host.
Yes as long as you can access the website or app and you have a valid credit/debit card for the transaction.